Strict Ladies Caning Tube

Strict Murga Punishment to sexy girl

Awesome murga punishment video of a girl being punished with murga and doing Sit ups.

Jennifer Miller caning scene

Very good female caning scene from a film.

Ms. Servalan Cane Class @ DomConLA taken by Mistress Ellen

DomconLA 2015 Ms. Servalan from South Wales Australia Traveled to Los Angeles, California to DomConLA World Premier Professional Domination ...

Lady Jane (1986) F-f severe birching

An older teen girl is punished by an older woman with a birch. Multiple strikes and we see her crying and in some pain. It's a very powerful scene from the 1986 ...


Just the way Miss O Neal enjoyed caning us boys back in the day.

female caned by the housekeeper

She does a misdeed so the man of the house instructs her to report to the maid for a caning on her bare bottom!

The Whip Lady (4)

Cynthia Belliveau in "Sweeting Bullets" (Deadly Switch)

Headmaster canes the girls (The Leaving of Liverpool)

This is the caning scene from "The Leaving of Liverpol"

Harsh Corporal Punishments

Harsh Corporal Punishments.

Happy Valley - Caning Scenes

Scenes from the made for TV movie The Happy Valley (1987), starring Holly Aird.

Asian dominatrix whipping a man

femdom scene where a asian woman whips a man and more with a riding crop.

The Happy Valley F/f caning scene 2

The abusive guy once again gives his female employee a cane and tells her to use it on the poor girl. This movie has very powerful corporal punishment scenes.

Stop Corporal Punishment in Indian Schools!

See how cruelly teachers hit in Pawan's school, the Indien Public School in Vrindavan. This has to stop!

Asian femdom with the cane - Home Run

The female teacher canes the male student on his bottom in the front of the class.

Caning by a nun scene from "The Magdalene Sisters"

The two girls gets caned by the sister for a perceived misdeed. The caning appears to be administered on the back of their thighs by the nun. From "The ...

Gentlemen, Boys 1976 caning

A extremely strict male teacher uses corporal punishment on the boy. The actual caning isn't really shown though the lead-up and aftermath are shown.

FinDom Cuntress candy caning

slave did not tribute Mistress Gabrielle enough of his hard earned cash SUFFER candy.

💪 Cold Caning Tutorial 😭 - BDSM Skills #25 - How to Use a Cane 💥: Masochists or Punishments

In the case of cold caning, the "cold" part of the name refers to the lack of warm-up, not the temperature. Of course, when we play on skin that hasn't had a proper ...

Man and woman are caned in Indonesia after violating strict Sharia law

The barbaric caning was handed down by Islamic legislators who regulate and enforce the strict Islamic law ▻Laws state that a man and woman are banned ...

Teenage girls facing tough punishment - Class Room Video

A Class Room scene.

Mrs Smith's Method for Reforming Intractable Girls - film trailer

Dreams of Spanking is delighted to introduce Molly Malone as Mrs Smith: a Victorian disciplinarian with a tried-and-tested method for dealing with intractable ...

Brutality or Discipline? Caning Africa's Children

Speak Aloud Africa.

Woman Hospitalized After Public Caning

An Indonesian woman has been hospitalized after receiving 100 lashes for adultery.